Role: Concept, Creative Director and Show Producer

Stefan Campbell creative directs and produces Fashion Week runway shows for houses where audiences can range above 1200 guests to smaller, more intimated presentations. From concept and completion Stefan uses his unique visual vocabulary and sensibilities to translate each designer’s vision for into a guest experience that leaves a signature message and lasting impression for each season’s collection.

Above: Alexander Wang, Spring runway show / Role: creative director and show producer
Above: NYFW, presentations / Role: creative director and show producer

Stefan Campbell conceptualized, creative directed and show produced a runway show entitled MARTHA GRAHAM. Along with all the details from selecting the music to visualizing the lighting, Stefan planned surprise by contemporary dancers in the audience pre-show along with guests, like Tracee Ellis Ross and Whoopie Goldberg. Once the show was underway dancers suddenly popped out of their seats and performed a Martha Graham inspired routine, choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer. Vogue.com called the show the powerful to date for the designer.

Above: MARTHA GRAHAM collection, NYFW fashion show / Role: concept, creative director and show producer. Video by Alessandro Rafanelli.

Top of page: MARTHA GRAHAM collection, behind-the-scenes content / Role: concept, creative director and show producer. Video directed by Chloe Domont.